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Slide with Site (Toggle+Label problem)

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  • Slide with Site (Toggle+Label problem)

    Hello everyone,


    I have a problem with a button (toggle + label) in css3 code(stated above), that doesn't react with an action. It should slide simultaneously with drop-down menu from above, unfortunately it doesn't. Can someone find out what is missing in it? Thanks for helping me out.

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    The reason is that you positioned the button absolutely. Therefore it keeps it's place and doesn' slide down. Leave the input on top of the body and put the the label below the article. Remove position:absolute and adjust the CSS so that the label is found:
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      Thank you for resolving it. I was learning this menu from a tutorial (below), and out there everything is working smothly. Could you tell me what's the case or difference of that?


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        I watched the video and didn't understand a word as my mother tongue is german. It's difficult to analyze the code presented there as one cannot scroll by oneself. In any case I don't like such layout using absolute positioning extensively as it makes the code intransparent and difficult to modify.