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Embeding onenote into website or blog

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  • Embeding onenote into website or blog

    Hey guys

    I want to show my notes from onenote on my website for my friends to use, but i cant get it to work. I am very new to programming to i thought i would ask on this forum.
    I have tried to copy the link to the "view only" link on my onenote and made an iframe with it, but it didn't work and i cant figure out why. I have also tried searching for an answer alot on google, but nothing really helped me. It seems weird to me, because i cant be the only person wanted to show my notes on my own website.

    So do any of you guys know any ways to embed my onenote notes on my website?

    thanks for your time

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    I don't think this is possible . Your best bet might be to take a screen-shot and just put a link to the document underneath or something similar.