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Making an ASP.NET & CSS site responsive

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  • Making an ASP.NET & CSS site responsive


    I've recently built a site for someone using ASP.NET and CSS. The site looks fine on a laptop/desktop machine, but not so much on a tablet/mobile device.

    For the purposes of uniformity, all 7 pages on the site refer to a Site.Master page which sets the header image, a horizontal menu which contains links to each page and a footer.

    In terms of the content of those 7 pages, three of the pages contain photographs, one contains a frame with Google Maps information in it. All 7 pages contain varying amounts of text. I know I need to build some sort of responsiveness into (a) the horizontal menu and (b) the pages themselves but I'm struggling to get my head around how to actually do it.

    Any suggestions would be gratefully received.



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    I didn't read the article, but it has a nice title: Making a website responsive in 3 easy steps
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      You can use advance CSS and HTML to create a responsive website. You can learn to create responsive web designing from this site: 30 Useful Responsive Web Design Tutorials - Hongkiat
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