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  • HTML page + js + popcorn


    I am working on the app that after hitting a button on the main index.html page starts video and plays the popcorn.js elements depending on the seconds when they should appear.

    In the script.js I used .smart () for including the video and .code () to trigger the popcorn.js

    Everything went fine until I tried to include more videos, popcorn.js stopped working - I organized videos into a sequence, and used .exe () for triggering the popcorn, that still wouldn´t work. I thought that the problem was the videos that worked normally and were played in a sequence - that they were maybe set above the popcorn, but that can´t be since popcorn is running above all actions.

    Then I decided to go to basics - I made "index.html" page as a default and two separate index2.html and index3.html pages that open a pop-up with the links to this two pages after some seconds have passed. The window appears and the redirection has been made into another window - I would like index2.html or index3.html to be part of default index.html page - the window would just refresh and another video would start playing and wouldn´t affect popcorn.js that is running on it already.

    Any suggestions?