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Simple question about <footer>

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  • Simple question about <footer>


    I just started coding in HTML and have this really weird problem that i can't figure out. I have an <adress> in a <footer> and nothing weird about it but when i try to verify it, it says that i'm not allowed to have the <address> within the <footer>. Look at the pictures if you don't understand (it is the last <footer> that is getting an error.

    Btw this is an excersise from my school which is why it's the most pointless webpage ever.

    Now my question is, how to I fix this?

    Pictures: http://puu.sh/r3bar/c6b2967252.png, http://puu.sh/r3biY/c363240f58.png

    Thanks in advance!

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    It should be <address>, not <adress>

    Also, why do you have two footer tags going?

    Semantically, you would use something like the <article> tag for the first footer, then the <footer> for your actual footer. You can also use a <div>

    Let me know if that helped, if not, we can dive further into this.

    Good luck!
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      OMG! Hahah thank you I am so embarrassed.. it's because of my bad english haha, and yeah maybe I should move the first footer within the div instead of the other way around

      Thanks for the help!


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        Of course

        And no need to be embarrassed, it happens a lot more than you think, especially missing ';'

        Good luck on your project!
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        FraktalServices.com - My Company


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          The simplest typos are the hardest for you to spot and the easiest for someone else to spot.
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          Don't forget to start your JavaScript code with "use strict"; which makes it easier to find errors in your code.