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  • PDF to HTML

    Can it be done????

    Simple problem

    We have a graphic artist that produces a magazine for one of our clients which is exported in a pdf.

    The client wants to replicate the whole magazine on line every month.

    While the images will be a seperate issue, will I need to hand type the content?

    An initial thought was to cut and paste from the pdf onto a wysiwyg (GoLive), - haven't tried that yet as I wanted to get some feed back from the forum first.

    Any idea's as to the best way to approach this would be very much appreciated.

    Many thanx


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    Why not just set up a link where the user can download the .pdf file?


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      A few suggestions:

      Since your designer exports to PDF then presumably the original file is also available (Quark format perhaps)? Why not use this instead and get the content out of it.

      Try this online converter from Adobe:

      You can buy software from Adobe to edit PDFs, I think it's called Distiller, but you are still going to need to get busy with the cut 'n paste.

      Like Qua... says, why not just make the PDF available as a download?

      As easy as 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841


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        Originally posted by head8k
        Like Qua... says, why not just make the PDF available as a download?
        Yeah, I'm still thinking this is your best bet - most web-users have Adobe Acrobat Reader (software needed to read the .pdf files) installed, and if not, it's a very small download that you can link to from your site.

        Best part about it is that it downloads 1 page at a time - so even if you have a .pdf file with 10 pages - the user can view the 1st page before the whole file is finished downloading...



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          Beautiful example of why XML is awesome:
          • Write original magazine in some form of XML
          • To transform into PDF, write XSLT document which converts to XSLFO, then use an XSLFO to PDF converter.
          • To transform into HTML, write an XSLT document that spits out XHTML.
          • To supply it to users on cellphones ( ), write XSLT document to transform it into WML.
          • Etc

          You write the XSLT documents once, and then you have infinite portability between platforms.


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            Thanx every one.

            The reason (one of them anyway) we want the information viewable on the web site as opposed to just being down-loadable is because the client sells "advertorials", thus he is looking for a way to increase the advertisers value for mony, plus he wants to link from his companies web site to the companies (who do the advertorial) web sites. If they don't have a web site, he will sell them one.

            He is coming in to see me next week to tie down prices etc, and he has a huge client base of customers that don't have sites.

            Ever met a guy who could sell ice to Eskimos? he is one of those, but is a good sort and is well respected in NZ. I know he will be bringing in some good business for me.

            I like JKD's ideas, I will explore that avenue. (Don't want a job in NZ do you.

            Thanx everyone for the feed back......

            ........I know what I need to do...

            ...............Build it, ... and they will come!


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              me just whispers...
              open it, press print screen, then paste into aplication save as .jpg then use text recingniotion on it.

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                PDF to HTML

                You can save pdf files as rtf [see save as drop down option], then convert to HTML.

                You can then choose the select graphics tool, copy or print screen & paste into into Photoshop etc.

                Why you should want to though I don't know, it is much simpler to offer the doc as is in pdf format.

                Just make sure that the originator makes a file specifically for the web i.e. optimised for the screen otherwise you will find the file size may be excessive.
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                  AAAAhhhhh the doctor is in the house

                  what an obvious solution

                  Many thanx

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                    i don't think you can save the text from a pdf this way (as an rtf file). that 's why people use pdf's- that the content cannot be easily lifted.


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                      Originally posted by applesauce
                      i don't think you can save the text from a pdf this way (as an rtf file). that 's why people use pdf's- that the content cannot be easily lifted.
                      Must admit - havn't tried it yet, but sounded like a good idea - rtf was an eisier format for me to understand....

                      HHHmmmm will go play

                      Thanx everyone

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