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  • Delete JotForm branding on webpage

    Someone know if is possible to take off the JotForm branding/advertising from the bottom of the webpage.
    I did this years ago, I used Firefox to copy the source code and paste it on my website index page, than delete the script branding frame in the bottom of the page , it worked perfectly. But I don't have dreamweaver right now.
    I tried manually with a text editor, I deleted the branding script and pasted in the index page and dosen't work. The live index webpage shows a bunch of coding but doesn't show the live design.
    I was wondering if I can paste all the code in my index page ( delete the branding script) and leave the java script applications running in their servers. It should be possible, but I can't manage to put it to work

    THE REASON I WANT TO DO THIS the monthly service is to expensive, is about $35 at month, and I'm just starting a small service to people. I only need one booking script that will be used maybe 5 times at month..it should no cost over $35 .. If I start making money eventually I will have no problem paying the service, but not right now.
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    I suppose there are terms of service that force you to use the branding (or don’t allow the removal under certain terms), so it would be immoral to tell you how to remove it. But just generally speaking, the easiest way would be to use CSS to hide it. The browser’s developer console shows the generated source code.
    I won’t get more specific for the above mentioned reasons.
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      I guest I will have to find someone to make a php page for me. Because I really want to take off the branding from my page.. I don't mind if is a small link.. but they using a big banner on the bottom of the page. ​​​​​40$ at month to take off the banner is too much..
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        This forum was very popular years ago. Back on those days every time you posted a question you got a answer in 5 minutes . 100 people just to come to this forum.. I don't understand what's happening this days.. I guess the new generation do not care about this stuff. This days you mention HTML to people, and you find out that they haven't even heard about it.. In 15 years from now . Google is not going to be a search engine for web pages. It looks like they are going to be a a search engine for stupid apps..

        Were are all the PHP and java people.. all died with Covid..?


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          Originally posted by boyfrom75 View Post
          This forum was very popular years ago.
          Back on those days every time you posted a question you got a answer in 5 minutes.

          Did you not try the solution suggested in VIPStephan's post ?

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            Solution I'd suggest is pitching jotform in the trash, using a normal HTML form, since PHP's "mail()" function isn't rocket science. Especially in newer PHP versions here headers can be passed as an associative array to be auto-sanitized.

            Would probably also help conversions since jotForm is a scripting only solution, telling large swaths of potential users to go F*** themselves. A situation only further exacerbated by the incompetent inaccessible trash they vomit up on the DOM.

            I mean it's bad enough them going full gungan spewing up the form in JavaScript, without what the scripting building being this level of incompetence: (taken from one of their live demo's)

            <form class="jotform-form" action="https://submit.jotform.com/submit/221227713110945/" method="post" name="form_221227713110945" id="221227713110945" accept-charset="utf-8" autocomplete="on" novalidate="true">
               <input type="hidden" name="formID" value="221227713110945">
               <input type="hidden" id="JWTContainer" value="">
               <input type="hidden" id="cardinalOrderNumber" value="">
               <div role="main" class="form-all">
                     .form-all:before { background: none;}
                  <ul class="form-section page-section">
                     <li id="cid_13" class="form-input-wide" data-type="control_head">
                        <div class="form-header-group  header-large">
                           <div class="header-text httal htvam">
                              <h1 id="header_13" class="form-header" data-component="header">
                                 Event Registration Sample
                     <li class="form-line jf-required form-line-error" data-type="control_fullname" id="id_1">
                        <label class="form-label form-label-top form-label-auto" id="label_1" for="first_1">
                        Full Name
                        <span class="form-required">
                        <div id="cid_1" class="form-input-wide jf-required" data-layout="full">
                           <div data-wrapper-react="true">
                              <span class="form-sub-label-container" style="vertical-align:top" data-input-type="first">
                              <input type="text" id="first_1" name="q1_fullName1[first]" class="form-textbox validate[required] form-validation-error" data-defaultvalue="" autocomplete="section-input_1 given-name" size="10" value="" data-component="first" aria-labelledby="label_1 sublabel_1_first" required="">
                              <label class="form-sub-label" for="first_1" id="sublabel_1_first" style="min-height:13px" aria-hidden="false"> First Name </label>
                              <span class="form-sub-label-container" style="vertical-align:top" data-input-type="last">
                              <input type="text" id="last_1" name="q1_fullName1[last]" class="form-textbox validate[required] form-validation-error" data-defaultvalue="" autocomplete="section-input_1 family-name" size="15" value="" data-component="last" aria-labelledby="label_1 sublabel_1_last" required="">
                              <label class="form-sub-label" for="last_1" id="sublabel_1_last" style="min-height:13px" aria-hidden="false"> Last Name </label>
                           <div class="form-error-message" role="alert">
                              <img src="https://cdn.jotfor.ms/images/exclamation-octagon.png"> <span class="error-navigation-message">This field is required.</span>
                              <div class="form-error-arrow">
                                 <div class="form-error-arrow-inner"></div>
            name and ID for nothing on the FORM,, endless pointless DIV for nothing, STYLE inside BODY where it's utterly and completely invalid, an unordered list around selements that are [b]NOT[b] short grammatical bullet points or selections, HTML validation disabled to throw JavaScript at checking things like it's still 1998, endless pointless DIV and classes for NOTHING, Improper use of a H1 since it's very unlikely that everything on the page or indeed the entire site is a subsection of "Event Registration Sample", attributes for nothing, ="" resulting in attributes like "requried" not working in some UA's, static style="" in the markup, data- attributes doing HTML 5 validation's job... And for what? What any competent developer would have written as:

            <form class="eventRegistration" action="https://submit.jotform.com/submit/221227713110945/" method="post" accept-charset="utf-8">
              <h2>Event Registration Sample</h2>
              <input type="hidden" name="formID" value="221227713110945">
              <fieldset class="nameSet">
                <legend>Full Name</legend>
                  <input name="q1_fullName1[first]" required><br>
                  First Name<br>
                  <input tname="q1_fullName1[last]" required>
                  Last Name
            This is why stuff like JotForm range from outdated outmoded web-rot, to outright scam artist BS.​
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              I'm want to use the index paper for booking a service..
              I like Jotform because they have an app were I can get all the feedback requests . but the monthly service is way to expensive to take off the branding. Someone mentioned that I can paste a script in my index page to hide the script branding..?

              well the other option is If I can copy all the coding from my Jotform page than make a html page with php

              I don't really know.. I'm not a Pro.. I just copy and paste codes.. I don't understand and don't know how to write codes
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                Hi there boyfrom 76,

                your link does not dieplay your web page but instead shows this information...

                This domain has been registered via IONOS and is not yet connected to a website.

                ~ the original bald headed old fart ~


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                  I don't understand why in some browsers dont work.
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                    Hi there boyfrom76,

                    add this snippet - ( copy & paste ) - to your embedded styles...

                    .formFooter {
                        opacity: 0;

                    ~ the original bald headed old fart ~


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                      I downloaded all the files included java and css folder , and edited the codes in the index file and uploaded to the hosting account... It works perfectly !.

                      I wish they were not be to expensive. $40 a month for a script is way to much..

                      I just like them because they provide a easy way to design the forms. And every feedback goes directly to the app in my cellphone.
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