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IE 7 vs all other IE versions problem

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  • IE 7 vs all other IE versions problem

    I have used the online render engine to view my site in all versions of IE and IE7 still is escaping my sanity!

    http://adventureswithmarty.com is the site.

    It is a complex Blogger template file that I have customized. Ie6 and 8 and 9 all display the top menu just right, but Ie7 for some reason wants to overlap the top banner prettty bad.

    Any ideas to start hacking away at in this one? I am sure it's a div style issue or something...

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    Whenever you try to get crossbrowser compatibility your first stop needs to be the HTML validator.

    You currently have 150 errors and 167 warnings.

    If you patch that up we can better determine where the problem lies (if in fact the problem still exists after you validate - sometimes validating is enough).
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    It's usually a good idea to start out with this at the VERY TOP of your CSS: * {border:0;margin:0;padding:0;}
    Seek and you shall find... basically:
    validate your markup | view your page cross-browser/cross-platform | free web tutorials | free hosting