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Can't change styles in stylesheet -vti

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  • Can't change styles in stylesheet -vti

    I've only been learning code for about a year so my knowledge is still really sketchy. I've been trying to use a free website template and customize it for my own needs. When I opened the .css file I discovered that it was filled with lots of strange code that looks like this: "vti_encoding:SR|utf8-nl" It lists about eight lines, each one beginning with the "vti_" I don't understand how any of this can influence the formatting of my website, but when I post my website without this css file, I lose all my formatting. I've already done a search on vti and vaguely know that it has something to do with front page, but the info didn't answer my question.

    Is there is a way to change some basic styles, like font size used on my navigation buttons, but do it from this style sheet, or do I need to create a new sheet and delete this file? If you need to see my site, I can post the link if it doesn't break the forum rules for a nubie.

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    Can’t you just delete the vti crap and add your own styles to the CSS file?
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