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  • Resolved Background image disappearing on click...

    Hi all,

    Having a problem with my website: http://www.dowreplays.net/ | CSS is here: http://www.dowreplays.net/css/main.css

    I only just noticed this today, but when you click one of the video thumbnails at the top to load a video, the background image for the body element disappears. Observed in the latest versions of Chrome, Fx, IE. I know of instances where the background image can disappear because of floated elements, but I'm not sure how or if this applies here.

    I'm not even sure if this is a HTML/CSS issue or the JavaScript is causing this behaviour, since I know little about JS.

    I appreciate any insight, thanks.
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    When you click on a link, your javascript is calling an html page to load (for example, http://www.dowreplays.net/067.html), which loads the video. However, in that file, you have a style call of

     body {

    The css picks that up and removes the background. You should change that to be:

    body {
       background-color: #292929;
    otherwise CSS will think you're using the background shortcode and remove the background image.
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      Wow, thanks alot. I would have never thought of that. I just removed any reference to the background from the video pages completely; since you can't see it, I'm not sure why I put it there in the first place.

      Thanks again!