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  • a border question

    Hi i was wondering if an image loaded in css and done through div's automatically puts a border around the images if it's not specified. Basically my green animated gif that comes up after the beginning animation doesn't fit totally right around another image on my website. I did the graphics with coreldraw. The image that i'm having a problem with is called backgroundgreen.gif. The beginning animation is called logospintest.gif. I'm pretty sure i got the images done right in coreldraw. If you look closely the green comes up in back of everything after the beginning animation is done. The green fade cuts in the image it's around. I've tried to delete the outline in coreldraw. But it didn't fix it. Thank you.

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    My website is www.creationindex.com.


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      would i put that in each div?


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        Hi Repatilian

        Er, I don't see an issue, it appears to render fine for me. See attached picture for how it renders for me.

        Is that how you wanted it? If not, could you rephrase what the issue is please, For clarification.
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          it's cool it looks good