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  • Ordering articles from website

    First of all, hello to everyone. This is my first post.

    I have a few questsions regardin online ordering. My friend is making a website that sells shoes and he doesent wants a CMS ( Joomla or Mambo) he wants to be all in HTML, CSS and Java. But now have a problem... We were making a page where u can order shoes so u have to choose shoe number, shoe color and rest... But we want to make like a shopping cart so people don't have to click 5 times to email me for 5 orders with 5 shoes. Is there any code that makes this easier ? Something like this but with Color, size and shoe options :S something similar
    I hope you understand my problem.

    Thank you !
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    What payment system are you using? I am sure Paypal buttons allow you set add more items to an order.
    Clueless in Essex


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      No, I don't want them to order with paypal.... I just want to get their order at my Email :/