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FaceBook Share plugin chopped off.

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  • FaceBook Share plugin chopped off.

    I didn't know whether to post here or post in the PHP forum. But my hunch is that the problem is a CSS issue.

    I have Wordpress blog. I installed a plug-in "Social Sharing Toolkit". If you can see from the image below, when I click on Send on the FB Send icon, the pop-up does not show completely. This makes it impossible for the user to execute because the execute button is hidden (or chopped off).

    I am not sure if this is a issue with the plug-in or with my theme. Could anybody help figure out where to start looking?

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    I tried checking the z-index on the theme css. I found several z-index ranging from 1000 to 20000. Should I try to do anything with the z-index? If yes, then do I add the z-index in the plugin css with a lower number?

    I found the "overflow:hidden" in the theme css. I removed both the "overflow:hidden" from the #content-wrapper and #content-inner-wrapper. The Facebook pop-up shows completely now. But the content and sidebar links are overflowing outside the wrapper (see image below). I tried removing only either one of the two "overflow:hidden" but the FB pop-up does not show completely. It only shows completely when both the "overflow:hidden" are removed.

    #content-wrapper {
    background:url(images/bk_content_wrap.png) 0 10px repeat-y;

    #content-inner-wrapper {
    background:url(images/bk_content.png) no-repeat;

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      Resolved. I used another theme.