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  • Offline Form (Complicated)

    I have this problem and for the life of my cant figure out a solution.

    Ze Problem! :

    Partners of mine have built an online app. Now on the last part of the app you download a Coc (Certificate of Compliance). At this point in time its in pdf format and is a form that needs to be filled out. But once a client has downloaded it, they can fill in the top part if they have the correct adobe software. Which 99% of the time the client wont have. And they type of people these are wont try get it either. Also once they fill it in and print it out again they take it to site where they use it and fill it in with pen. Once they are done they have to scan it in and print it again. Now is there a way to build this type of a form offline with HTML/css? (Also having it not connected to a database. I honestly cant figure out how to do this. Hour of frustration getting me knowwhere. Please help

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    I don't use PDF so I may just be blowing smoke BUT:

    You can use a HTML form to receive the information need to complete the form and then generate the COC via php. See this article to help with that:
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