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    This is a very simple question, i have a class div, that is positioned absolute and is half-placed over my menu bar. But now the menu-bar will not work, because the mouse is poiting at this class. I dont want to change the z-index, because then the class will be behind the background color of an other content. And i cant change the div of that another content, because its not positioned absolute.

    So my question is:
    1 - Is there any way to give a z-index into a div that dosn't have position=absolute or something?

    2 - Can i make that div class to not react to mouse or anything. Like the bodybackground.

    And show me how plz :P!

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    try posting your code, it would help us solve the problem a lot faster. better yet, I think a "live" view (uploaded to a server) would help.

    my first guess, would be to change the element you are trying to place on top to position: relative;, but I can't say for sure since your question was pretty vague