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Help with css issues

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  • Help with css issues

    Hi all. For the past several weeks I have been working on an html cut-up exercise. I have been away from any html and css for a couple of years and even then I wasnt that advancved. But I have got to a point with this html cut up exercise that I am fairly pleased with. I just have a couple of issus that I havnt been able to resolve on my own, or find decent information on how to solve. My main gripe is that my horizontal nav bar doesnt stretch to fit the width of the page. Is there anyone who could help me through instant messenger...say skype? or through here?

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    share your code... u can chat me on YM


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      Hi Vikram. Whats the best way to share my code with you. Paste it here? PM? I have a zipped folder containing all the relevant css/images/html etc


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        u can share here as attachment...