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Understand why Paragraphs line up like this next to each other

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  • Understand why Paragraphs line up like this next to each other

    Hey guys,

    I'm experimenting with CSS, please take a look at the attached code, I have made the first two paragraphs inline blocks so they sit next to each other (just experimenting with different functions). I know if I wanted a good layout etc, lined up etc, a float would be better overall.

    However can someone tell me why the paragraphs line up at the bottom and not at the top?

    I understand that as I have made both the elements 'inline-block' that there are no line breaks before and after the paragraphs meaning they can now both sit on the same line each (as I have adjusted the width), I am just wondering what the technical reason is for the lining up at the bottom and not the top.


    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <html lang="en">
    <style type="text/css">
    .first {margin:auto;
    .second { display:inline-block;

    .ii {display:inline-block;
    width:400px; }

    <div class="uno">

    <div class="first">
    <div class="second">
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    Share screenshots and code. there is no attached code in your post.


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      Originally posted by vikram1vicky View Post
      Share screenshots and code. there is no attached code in your post.

      Good spot.

      Original post amended.