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Multiple language issue

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  • Multiple language issue

    So lets say I'm making a website that has multiple languages avaiable.
    In the graphics directory there is 3 child directorys: lang1, lang2, lang3.
    They all contain the same images, but the texts contained in these images are in different languages.
    My question is, am I gonna have to create 3 different css files even though they're the same but points to different graphic directory?

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    well does the layout/styles change in each language? If not, then no. If it does, then yes.


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      The layout doens't change, but use different image files, because these images have texts too. So how can i use only one single css file for that?


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        How will the language change?...

        It will automatic according to geographical location or there will be any drop-down on page to change language at any time?

        If there is language drop-down on page, then on selecting particular language you can change images according to language using jQuery/Javascript.

        You can post this in javascript thread to get help on same.