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  • email template textarea convert

    Hi i have an email template that is structured as such.

    Welcome To The {your_sitename}
    and so on..

    i have a customer that wants to add some greek text to the email template

    like so

    εγγραφή Welcome To The {your_sitename}
    but it is not converting correctly and on the receiving end it comes out like this

    خµخ³خ³د?خ±د†خ® Dear Customer Name,
    rather than me converting my files is there a html tag that he can use in the template to convert that correctly.

    such as can he type in

    <html tag>εγγραφή</htmltag> Welcome To The {your_sitename}

    by the way can someone zap the spammer reply below please thanks so much...
    Last edited by durangod; Aug 18, 2011, 03:37 PM.
    If a php file only has php code within it you do not need to use the closing php tag
    A good way to remember objects from arrays is you shoot objects with arrows Example: $name->id; then Arrays are $name['id'];
    durangod is short for durango dave

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