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Need CSS help!

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  • Need CSS help!


    Please help.

    Just take a look at http://adm.maif.se/functions/test2.php

    There is a top menu, below there is a treeview and a container for files. I have manage it with html, javascript, jquery and css. Setting heights and widths on the fly with jquery. Only problem is that it gets screwed up in some browsers, IE is a neusance. Is there anyone out there who can either give me some pointers as how to go by this or prefferable, just write me the framecode that will do the trick!

    <wrapper div>
    <top div></top div>
    <wrapper div>
    <treeview div></treeview div><container div></container div>
    </wrapper div>
    </wrapper div>

    Problem is, the treeview div should be expandable, thus must the container change widh as well. The heights should all fit widthin the first wrapper div. Possible with CSS only?


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    Thanks for your reply, and yes, it would be better to put all of the css in a separate stylesheet. I'll do that. But the main question is, is it possible, only with pure css and html to accomplish the desired layout with functions as described?