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Css ".html#" problem?

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  • Css ".html#" problem?

    Hi, i've been create a website for a my company. the menu at the top in javascript, but thats not where the problem lies.

    basically everytime i click on a menu item, that is designed to jump to a certain part of the current page, the menu at the top goes out of line with the top border.

    i've attached some screen shots to help illustrate this and the css file to help

    "menu3[2]='<a class="menu" href="startreselling.html#sellers3">ISP’s</a>'

    <A NAME="features3">"

    please help?

    thank you
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    Give us a link to a live example because two images and a stylesheet don’t tell us anything.

    And by the way: named anchors are outdated and deprecated. Use the ID attribute (which you can apply to any element, by the way, you don’t need anchors anymore).
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      i don't have a version that is online. sorry.


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        Then find a way. Check the HTML & CSS Rules and Guidelines for suggestions.
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        Useful links: W3C HTML Validator | W3C CSS Validator | HTML 5 Guide
        CF: HTML & CSS Resources/Tutorials Thread | HTML & CSS Posting Rules and Guidelines
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          can i not just upload the html and css files on here?

          sorry i rubbish at this, i'm new to it.


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            You can but it would still be an effort for those who want to help to download and reassemble the files so that everything is working. And then they still don’t have any images and whatever is needed to display the website as you are seeing it (anything could have an influence on the issue). So, make it as easy as possible for us to help you.

            You can use any webspace you may have (own website?) or sign up for free hosting, for example at freehostia, to put your stuff there for us to review.

            But as a first advice I would say: Check your HTML for errors at http://validator.w3.org/ and also check your browser’s JS/error console for any JavaScript errors that might come up and fix them.
            Stop solving problems you don’t yet have!


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              can i upload the site files? (in a zip) for someone to check for me, surely you would have everything then (html/css/images)?


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                site online

                here you go, now you can see my problems, please if you could re-read my original message, your advice would be greatly appreciated.

                thank you


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                  if you download the images in my first post, i should be become clear.


                  go to the website look at where the blue section (with mywebcall logo) at the top meets the menu (everthing is inline)...............then select "per billing" from the features drop down menu......... it will automatically move down that page to said section............now scroll back to top the menu and blue section are now not inline....this is my problem

                  if you look at my previously uploaded image it would explain this much better

                  thank you