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HTML & CSS Posting Rules & Guidelines

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  • HTML & CSS Posting Rules & Guidelines

    Due to the general mess of bad posting in this forum, I am laying down some additional posting rules, reminders and guidance for this forum. All of these rules will be very familiar to regular posters; they are stitched together out of convention and existing forum rules.

    New users
    1. Use [code] ... [/code] tags for posting your code. This makes it much easier for members to view your code and help you out. The easier you make it for us, the more help you will get!
    2. As always, use a descriptive or meaningful title which summarises your problem. "help!" and "easy html question" are not appropriate titles.
    3. Include, wherever possible, a link to a live example of your page. You are substantially more likely to get help, as helping you does not require us to recreate your page, without images, on our computers. If you are worried about SEO, use a URI shortener, such as Google's.
      • If you do not yet have a domain name, you can upload your files to a free host or, alternatively, the Public folder of a Dropbox account.
      • Remember, we cannot help you if you do not do not post code or a link to your page!
    4. Unless you do have a particular reason not to, always validate your code. Clean code is always easier to troubleshoot.
    5. If you are using tables for layout, you will find it very difficult to get help, because using tables for layout is stupid. We will, however, be very happy to help you convert it to a CSS-based layout. You can find lots of help in our resources thread.

    Regular users

    This sticky's predecessor has been around a while, but just a gentle reminder: this web forum has been listed recently as a helpful resource to some students who are just learning HTML. As a general rule, this being the HTML & CSS forum means that this will be the first stop for 75 – 90% of all visitors to codingforum.net. However, many of you have had a tendency of being harsh when encountering less-than-stellar markup.

    There is no opinion-bashing or harsh attitudes allowed. This rules stands for both the original poster and the prospective responder. This is supposed to be a repository of knowledge where people are supposed to be able to come and learn, not some backalley MySpace board where people go to get mocked and laughed at. Any more flame wars about anything will be dealt with swiftly.

    This is a learning environment and is often visited by professionals, students and the first time developer. Keep in mind that everyone who posts on this board started somewhere and has learned by a variety of trial and error methods.
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    Useful links: W3C HTML Validator | W3C CSS Validator | HTML 5 Guide
    CF: HTML & CSS Resources/Tutorials Thread | HTML & CSS Posting Rules and Guidelines
    Remember: no link, no code, no help!