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image-based drop down menu using layers

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  • image-based drop down menu using layers

    Have been thinking about how to do an image-based drop down menu using layers like the one at http://www.earthsystems.com.au/consulting.htm for example. If you MouseOver the link "research and development" on the left hand side, you should get a bunch of other images on a layer popping out on the right of the link all of which have their own MouseOver states and links.

    I remember trying to do something like this once with layers and making them hide or show depending on what link you were on, but my problem was if the layer shows when you MouseOver the link (in this case "research and development") and hides when you MouseOut, how can you get to the links on the layer without Mouse-ingOut on the original link? Does that make sense, or am I rambling?!

    A side issue, does anyone know of a better way to do this? Is using layers a bad move?


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    the menu opens over the content of the page. Though it's kinda nice lookin' I'd find that annoying upon visiting.
    I prefer it when they just open downward heirarchial like.

    dynamicdrive or 24fun each have menu codes
    you should hop around and find one ya like


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      Without wanting to sound picky or ungrateful (which I'm not, okay maybe I'm picky), the thing I'm really after is the ability to specify images as components in the nav, rather than text.


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        one way to make this kind of menues, is like you said, with layers... one site with this I have in mind is http://www.bytbil.com. Another way to make a dropdown menu is to use DHTML. http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamici...bodescribe.htm is a pretty good one.
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