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    I just completed my website and uploaded it using Transmit.
    I am able to view my entire website and all of it's pages perfectly well using firefox and my mac ibook, but when using Firefox a newer iMac 10.5.4, the homepage fully loads but all other pages are empty with just the background image displayed. This makes no sense to me because it's obviously recognizing my code but not all of it.
    Does anyone have an idea of what this may be?
    I greatly appreciate any input.

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    Get rid of the <style type="text/css"> that's at the start of your body.

    Also, when I first viewed it in IE6, I didn't know what you were talking about as your menu doesn't show up. Wouldn't have known there were any other pages to your site if you didn't say so.


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      I must be doing something really off. I've never had this problem before.


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        You are. Basically, what Fisher said: You have an unclosed <style type="text/css"> in your code that effectively cancels out all further HTML.

        But that's not your only problem. In "store" for example your <body> tag is situated within the <head>. Please fix your HTML.
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          I will correct all of that when I am back at home and see what happens. I am new to this obviously!!
          Thank You!!!


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            i know this is kinda late but you also never close 1 of your image tag