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Aligning images next to paragraphs - easiest way?

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  • Resolved Aligning images next to paragraphs - easiest way?


    I have this situation:

    | paragraph |--|
    | paragraph |--|
    | paragraph

    The |--| symbolizes images.
    What would be the easiest and most correct way to align the pictures next to the paragraphs? Wrap the paragraphs and images in a div and then float it?
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    Hello CaptainB,
    They pretty much have to be wrapped together in a div, otherwise they won't line up when you get more than 2 or three. Have a look at a little demo I have at http://nopeople.com/CSS/image%20captions/index.html , see if that gives you any ideas.
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      Hey Excavator, thanks for the link.
      I ended up making two floated divs - one for the <p>s and one for the images.