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Listbox which remembers selection

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  • Listbox which remembers selection

    Hi guys

    I want to create a listbox which is visible throughout my site that remembers the user's location, so if the drop down box contains America, Great Britain and New Zealand, I want America as the default selection but if the user changes this to New Zealand, I want New Zealand to be that user's default setting and New Zealand to be the selected value in the list box throughout the site. Basically, I do not want the listbox to default back to America on subsequent page loads. Is this possible? Any help would be appreciated.

    Many thanks


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    I don't know how to exactly archieve what you want, but I guess you should look into some serverside language like PHP combined with cookies


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      if you want the menu to remain visible throughout your site but don't want to use frames then layers is the best way to go. the menu will stand still as you scroll the page and will work in all top browsers including internet explorer.


      as for the other part i can't help you.
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