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How to load a new menu bar into a DIV???

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  • How to load a new menu bar into a DIV???

    Greeting to all.
    I try to do this:

    Step 1.
    I have 3 DIV elements lets say DIV1 , DIV2 and DIV3.
    In DIV1 I put menu labels MENU1 | MENU2 | MENU3.

    And now,if I click on MENU1 in DIV1 it should load in DIV2 a new menu bar with the menu labels MENU1a | MENU2b | MENU3b

    If I click now MENU2b in DIV2 it should load a page in DIV3.

    So,the question is:

    What is the best way to make this menu relation?
    Is it possible to coding it in HTML and CSS?
    Is it correct to use iFrame tag in DIV3 to load a page or is there some tag
    for use inside DIV element that is more correct to use then iFrame?

    I thinking about to make two pages where I put my menu labels and in DIV2 I put an iFrame for loading the pages in order how I click on the menus on DIV1. And,if the correct page loaded in DIV2 with the menu elements I click on the menu displayed ind DIV2 and now it should load a new page in iFrame which is defined in DIV3.

    is this ok? or is there any other simple way to do a menu loading relation?
    Thanks for all suggestion and or help.

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    Hello joda,
    Maybe you could find a menu that will suit your needs on this site - http://www.cssplay.co.uk/menus/
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