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  • mouse over drop down question

    First, I am not well versed in creating code directly, however I am trying to lkern how. In the mean time I am using Microsoft's Expression Web to create and maintain my web sites.

    My questin will call attention to two sites to expllain my question. Log onto my computer group web site www.smvcc.net you will see text line "select you page" mouse over this text you will see a drop down pop up. Slowly move down the selection of pages, notice that as you passover these links the drop down jumps in and out fast, very ditractfull. Now log onto www.adobe.com site, mouse over the PRODUCTS option, this opens up a large drop down list will lots of links, notice that the drop down does not blink or do anuything except look nice.

    I have examined the source for this area, I see a lot of differences but have not been able to make a change in the codeing to make my site look like the Adobe site. Some feed back I have gotten is that Expression Web did not use the correct Jave script or the correct CSS script, so this is what I am trying solve. I did download a CSS menu maker that created a great one but it created a long color band the full windth of the monitor no matter how big it was. The menu maker created a main layer with several daughter layers none of which I could change in Expression Web or by play8ing around with the CSS code.

    Thank you for yor help, if I have placed this question in the wrong place, I appolgize. Note my site is mutch older that I am, so please excuse any miss-spelled words.

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    Can we see your code? Should be able to get it to do what you require by changing the style sheet. But need to see the HTML and CSS code. Though i doubt anyone here can help you with Expression web we can certainly help you coding it by hand. If your serious about learning web design I can only recommend learn to code properly by hand. htmlgoodies.com was where i first learned. Using notepad to make my sites.
    You can not say you know how to do something, until you can teach it to someone else.


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      Your page works fine in Firefox, but I get a slight flicker with IE7 as I move the cursor between lines. This suggests that there is a gap in the active area in IE7.

      At one time we would have put this down to the IE box model, but this does not seem to be the case here. Often such quirks can be fixed by placing
      * {margin:0px; padding: 0px}
      in the stylesheet, but this does not work for you!

      As timgolding says, the code generated by Expression Web is opaque and hard to disentangle. As far as I can see, the flicker is fairly unobtrusive, and it may be simpler to live with it until you have learned a bit more about page styling with CSS.