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Need help with liquid faux layout

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  • Need help with liquid faux layout

    I read the article about http://www.addedbytes.com/css/faux-c...iquid-layouts/ , but somehow i can't get it to work on my layout-in-progress.

    As you see in this picture: http://data.fuskbugg.se/skalman01/--...----screen.png It doesn't really scale correctly.. Tried different positions etc.
    At first i used what you said in the article; a document with 2000px and 1px, but then i got that i showed you in the screenshot, i would see it work perfectly in a 100% container, but i probably won't change, as i like the look when it's 90% better.

    The layout supports 1024x768, but as the faux width was 2000px, it looked really weird, as the white area has much more width in the image than it has on the layout.

    (Just a note, i colored everything correctly etc. on the faux image, it's just the width that's the problem)

    Please help :> Would be grateful.

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    Hard to tell what your problem is...

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      As you can see, my layout consists of 3 main areas, a gray area to the left, a white area in the middle below navigation and header, and a gray area to the right.

      For the liquid faux trick to work here, the faux image must be around 2000px in width, and it's too much for the 1024x768-1600x1200 resolution to handle, as nearly everything get's white because of the 2000px image, i needed to fill nearly everything white, as the white area is 90% of the whole layout.

      I could see this working in a 2 column layout, but how could it do in this layout?

      Any work-around or?