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Iframe scrollbar Issue

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  • Iframe scrollbar Issue


    Can anyone tell me how to increase/decrease the iframe size according to the browser size.

    Setting width of iframe, TD, and table to 100% does not work for my scenario.

    My problem is that a vertical scrollbar appears for iframe and after that there is a gap (almost a 17" monitor screen size gap) and then the Browser scroll bar. I need to hide this scroll bar (iframe) or move it close to the browser's scroll bar.

    I am loading one of my application's URL in an iframe, that iframe fits exactly into the Screen(17" monitor). For iframe there is a vertical scroll bar then there is gap. The gap is because of one of the table at the top which needs nowrapping.

    So please either tell me the way to increase the iframe size or tell me the way to remove the scroll bar (I have data which is large hence overflow: hidden is not a solution).
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