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  • Frames and tables

    I'm having problems with incorporating frames and tables.

    To start with, using just tables, I have a nicely formatted heading and option area. The zip file of the screen dump was unfortunately too big to send, but the screen has ten menu options, each a td element, spaced evenly across the entirety of the screen.

    The result when I call the original html file (unchanged) with the following html code:


    <frameset rows="30%,*" border=1>

    <frame src="testmenu.htm">
    <frame src="mainbody.htm" name=mainbody>



    isn't as good, and the result of the frameset seems to be to include enough space on the right hand side of the screen to accommodate a scrollbar, even though one is not required, so that the menu options don't cover the entirety of the screen but stop short by about the width of a scrollbar.

    Can anyone tell me what is happening here?

    Alternatively, the reason I did this was that I want the contents of the screen to differ according to the selected menu option, so thought that frames might be a good idea.

    Is there an alternative to using frames but still having variable screen display? Is there, for instance, a document.clear option?

    I guess the only problem I see with this is that I'd have to display the heading and table of menu options again and again to give the appearance of a static navigation area, which is what I want.

    Any help would be appreciated.



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    for the first frame (the menu) you can add:

    <frame src="testmenu.htm" scrolling="no"> (in bold);

    this should stop your frame from showing a scrollbar, or reserving room for it when it isn't necessary.
    On top of that, you could try setting the top frame height to an absolute value instead of a percentage to make sure there always is enough room for your menu:

    <frameset rows="80,*" border=1> (i just picked a value...)