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  • css and tables

    I'm trying to use as much css as possible. What attributes can css define for tables? Can it specify cellspacing & cellpadding? How about align & valign? Anything else essential that I'm forgetting?

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    There are a ton of attributes you can define for tables in css. I will name all that I can think of at the time:

    padding -

    padding:, padding-left:, padding-right:, padding-top:, padding-bottom:

    border -

    border:, border-color:, border-left:, border-right:, border-top:, border-bottom:, border-left-width:, border-right-width:,border-top-width:, border-bottom-width:, border-width:,

    align -

    vertical-align:, (<--I think that works, not positive though!)

    So those are all the CSS attributes for tables that I can think of at the time. Good luck though. You can also try searching the web for something like "CSS tips" or "CSS attributes."
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      Thanks for the reply, but I already knew about those since they are common to many different css elements (does align work? I tried align: center and I never got it to work). Are there any table-specific css attributes?


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        Have you searched the web for this yet? Many hits will result.

        Anyway, I've gone back to this list quite a few times:
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          Yeah, I've done some searching. That link is helpful, Gordo, I bookmarked it

          I still can't figure out if cellspacing & cellpadding can be set with css.


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            padding can be done.

            padding, padding-left, padding-right, padding-top, padding-bottom
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              The W3C covers tables and CSS pretty well at http://www.w3.org/TR/REC-CSS2/tables.html

              Not all browsers support all properties. Gordo's link can help you with that.