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Split CSS menu problem

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  • Split CSS menu problem

    I am using css to style a menu, which is built along these lines:
    <tr id="theMenu">
    <td width="120"><a href="something.html">something</a></td>
    <td .... etc.

    If I want part of the menu on one area of the page and the other part somewhere else, I can just set up another table and again use id="theMenu" on the TR, as above. At least, this works in IE. NS4 gets the first piece of the menu right, but ignores the css styling on the second piece. I could simply set up a different class for the second menu piece, but is there any other way to get it to work in NS too?


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    Since NS 4x has limited support of the ID selector, you might try using the class selector (as you mentioned) for NS4x compatibility (<tr class="theMenu"...>).

    Then, of course, you would need to set the class selector in your style sheet:

    .theMenu {Blah: blah;} for NS 4x as opposed to #theMenu {Blah: blah;}...Just a thought .
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      Ah, ok. I did not realize that. Thanks.