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    Hey guys and gals,

    I'm putting up this website and one of the features I want to implement is a search field and button. How would I go about doing that (please be as detailed as possible)? Thanks in advance!

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    Best way is by using a serverside solution. Does your host support php, asp, cgi/perl, etc?


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      Are you looking for a site search or just want visitors to search the web from your site (i.e sort of a link to other search engines)
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        sql/php is the best solution in my book, i like using that.

        you could use javascripting though its very very very very tedious. In an array put in all the main words you want (if its a simple search) and make a page for each one of them.

        Don't know about double sided arrays, but i guess you could nest them to get a better search. I wouldn't recommend this way though.

        Not much help but still...

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          I would recommend index server, or sometype of indexing software because to open every file on your server and text search is time consumming no matter what language you use. And the alternate to that is write your own indexer which is crazy for a newbie. That's if you want to search your site, if you want to search the web there are many services to do that google is one of the best but they cost money if you aren't an educational institution.
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