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Self-sizing picture frames?

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  • Self-sizing picture frames?

    I'm just wondering about self-sizing picture frames and if they exist.

    I'd like the user to choose any size pic then have it somehow put into a self-adjusting frame (with optional text) that then displays in their browser perfectly framed.


    It's kinda like a html table...The more you put into it, the more it auto-expands.

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    what kind of frame to you want it to be? if you just want a solid color, you can specify border=# in the image tag (# being a pixel value).

    If you want a more elaborate border, I suggest making a small image that will tile and setting it as the background of a table, then just put your image in the table. Set the cellpadding=# attribute within the table tag to specify how thick of a border you want.


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      You mean make a small image and have it tile inside a table border? I'm just concerned with making it look like a picture frame. How about an code example? Thx
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      Zoobie or not Zoobie...That is the problem.
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        I'd make a small image of a wood texture, then make sure that it can tile.

        <table background="frame_picture.jpg" cellpadding=10 border=0>
            <td><img src="yourpicture.jpg"></td>
        With the code above, the picture frame will be 10 pixels thick. This is the easiest way I can think of. If you want to mess with it, you can also try it this way: create different images for the top, bottom, left, and right sides of the picture frame, and put each in its own table cell as backgrounds. That way you can make it a little more realistic with shading and dimension.