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    I'm working on a zenGarden to brush up on my CSS skills after a long time not using them. I noticed that my content displays differently accross different browsers. I did a little research and found that standard browsers (such as firefox) use a different box model than that of Internet explorer (darn IE and PCs!!!) I've began using the star html (* html) style to set my styles specifically for IE, since it is the only browser that displays styles with that element. So the IE thing is no longer a problem. NOW my problem is that even with the same browser, my code is not displaying the same accross different platforms. The way my page looks on firefox on a pc is different from firefox on a Mac. I think the only thing that displays differently is the absolutely positioned link list. Am I missing something here?

    My page isn't yet 100% finished...i need to complete it before I post it. Here is the url for my page
    and for my style sheet

    Thanks a bunch.
    -- </byuhobbes>

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    You really should not use the star html hack anymore. MS already said that many of such hacks will not work in IE7 in an IEBlog "Call to action" on October 12, 2005, and may even break the layout in IE7. Instead, MS has provided a mechanism known as conditional comments since IE5, and they continue to work through IE7. Instead of using CSS hacks, serve IE with stylesheets specific for IE using downlevel-hidden conditional comments.
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      Varying box models are not an issue as of Internet Explorer 6, assuming the page is displaying in standard-compliance mode, as that page appears to be doing.


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        Thanks for your comments about IE, but my real question is why my page is displaying differently on PCs than on Macs--even when you use the same browser. I use Firefox to view my page on a PC, then I go to a Mac and it looks bad, so I adjust it and then go back to a PC and it looks bad again!

        Another note, I don't know if you know anything about the zenGarden, but when you submit a design you're not aloud to alter the HTML file---all formatting is done with CSS. The comments about the conditional elements are helpful and I will use them with other projects, but this one I'm really just limited to CSS adjustments! Thanks

        -- </byuhobbes>


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          To be sure you need to be more thoughtful with using the star html hack now. I use it and conditional comments when needed.

          byuhobbes85, are you sure that the versions of Firefox are the same? Are the problems because of a difference in the font used?

          Keep in mind that IE5.x/Win is very different from IE5.x/Mac -- they were developed by different teams.
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            Hmm it actually seems like default margins and padding are causing your problems. Add this to your CSS
            * {
            That makes all margins and padding on all elements 0 making it look more or less the same among browsers. Just add in margin/padding where necessary.
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