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Background not displaying as intended

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  • Background not displaying as intended


    This is the last graphical thing that I need to get working on this site before I'm happy with it and will move onto the other bits. I have changed the menu on www.flics-jewellery.co.uk/redesign so that the length will change according to the content length. The majority of this works but I have a fade out effect on the right side which doesn't.

    Currently its set to 100% of the containing divs height and that is set so that it looks ok when it loads. However as soon as you select one of the options the list gets longer, and the effect doesn't lengthen.

    The effect is currently set as its own div inside the menu div, but I have also tried using the same picture as the background to the menu div but that didn't work either. In IE it showed at the top and the bottom, and ff it didn't show.

    If the menu div is made longer then the effect goes for longer than the bottom.

    Any pointed would be much appreciated!

    Thank you!


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    I'm guessing that it's not resizing because you're using position: absolute. You shouldn't need absolute positioning for anything on that page. It would seem to make more sense if the vertically-repeating fade was made a right-aligned vertically-repeating background of the menu box itself.

    On another note, character entities are closed with a semi-colon, so &nbsp should be  . From what I can see though, every use of that entity in that page is unnecessary.