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    Hi, I am having a spacing issue between the main content of my page and the bottom graphic. In browsers other than IE, there is a space between the two where there shouldn't be. I have the margins set to zero and nothing is working. My site is http://www.optimalhumidity.com/ .
    Thanks! ~Blake

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    Well, I tried to edit the CSS to troubleshoot the problem via my browser extension but the code is incorrectly written such that Firefox is registering duplicates of all the stylesheets. You need to fix that first. There are two head closing tags and a duplicate link element placed in an invalid location between the head and body elements.

    Your page is also mis-using the XHTML 1.1 DTD as that DTD isn't supposed to be displayed as text/html. Use XHTML 1.0 Strict instead. Resource: XHTML Media Types.


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      I fixed what is mentioned above. I had been using the template feature of Dreamweaver and that turned out to be messing things up.

      I am still having a problem with the spacing between my bottom graphic and the content. The space shouldn't be there.
      Thanks again! ~Blake


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        That gap seems to be the default margins and padding on your paragraphs, mainly the bottom margin.
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          Thanks, that worked.