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CSS UL Nav working in Firefox, not IE

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  • CSS UL Nav working in Firefox, not IE

    I'm creating a nav bar using CSS, but the padding doesnt seem to be working in Internet Explorer, the links appear too low down, can anyone see what I'm doing wrong?

    My Page
    My CSS

    Thanks - Dan.

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    I checked this out in firefox and it seemed to be doing the same thing? Can you give an example of what it is supposed to look like?


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      just checked again, my firefox is fine, maybe its on different resolutions ? :S Oh well thats something else I have to work on then D'oh.

      Here's an image of what it should look like:

      Well, except more spaced out, I didnt use a particularly wide doc size in photoshop.


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        Set #nav's top margin to 0.

        I used Beta 2 of the IE Developer Toolbar and Firefox's DOM Inspector to debug your code.
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          thanks Kravvitz, sorted it, and I'm downloading those plugins now