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  • Clickable Link to Report Bad Links Script

    Does anyone know how to add a “Clickable Link” that users can click on to “Report Bad Links” they find on my site, that will then send an email to me with information on the link being reported? I have a freebie site with literally thousands of different links and it would be very helpful to maintain site with this type of feature. I’ve seen other sites that have a clickable link “Report Broken Link” or something to that affect. I’m constantly adding, changing and removing links. I’m trying to find a script that would allow me to place clickable links on my site next to the individual offers to report if that particular link is not working properly or if the offer is no longer valid. User confirmation and email notification of link would be very helpful and any suggestions you might have would be greatly appreciated.

    I’m not very knowledgeable of all the little ins and outs of HTML coding but do know enough to keep my site running and updated. I’m probably doing everything the hard way, but it seems to be working, just very time consuming. Are there any quick fixes or suggestions anyone might be able to offer me?