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    I'm currently trying to finish off my first CSS layout site as if been told time and time again that DIVS are so much better than tables and yadda yadda yadda. Anyway I somehow managed to put something together by using some great help from this site but am now at a dead end with the site. I have a few problems:

    1) I need the page to stretch the full height of the page in IE and Firefox.
    2) I need the background image in the sidebar to continue when the content in the content div has a larger height than than the content in the sidebar.
    3) I need the background of the contents to be full height when the content inside the div is not as high as the sidebar div.

    Refer to my site: http://mattyboy.campinnovations.com.au

    You would make an Aussie's day!

    Thanks For Your Help!

    Cya Round, -> mb89 <-

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    Haven't looked at it all, but you could try using percentages. Change your background image's height to 100% (your bg image should be high enough). Same for contents.


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      ... and remember to validate your code...?


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        Please fix your HTML and CSS errors.

        1) How do you put a footer at the bottom of the window?
        2 & 3) Faux Columns
        Learn CSS. | SSI | PHP includes | X/HTML Validator | CSS validator | Dynamic Site Solutions
        Java != JavaScript && JScript != JavaScript
        Design/program for Firefox (and/or Opera), apply fixes for IE, not the other way around.