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    I have an image I made in Paint Shop, that I want as the background of my tables.... that part is easy, I got it to show it, the hard part is that the tranceparency parts dont show the [page] background image... seems the tranceparency parts of my image were replaced with white... I have the background color of the table tranceparent just incase the default was white, but it still makes it white...

    I thought maybe it's because of the image, but i made sure it would keep the tranceparency by saving it in a format that didn't change anything, but was still uploadable by photobucket... PNG... and when i checked the image on photobucket, on the album screen it covered the ranceparency places in black ( all the parts that arn't tranceparent are black too, so the image was just pure black) but when i clicked on the image to see it full size, the tranceparent parts were white... So I guessed that the transparency worked.

    But when i put it as the table background, it still made it white for the tranceparent parts....

    Any help would be appreciated...

    Here's my current coding if it'll help...

    Yeah, it is for Myspace, but it's something I could learn from at the same time...

    The places I edited are in tripple brakets... Maybe I did it in the wrong place...

    <style type="text/css">
    body { text-align:center;
    background-color:000000;background-position:center;background-attachment:fixed; background-repeat: no-repeat;
    background-image:url(http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a88...ckground.jpg); }
    table, td {background:transparent; border:0px;}
    table table table [[[{background-color:transparent;background-position:center;background-attachment:fixed;background-image:url(http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a88.../box.png);)]]]
    table table table {
    padding:1px; }
    table table table table { border:0px; }
    td, span, div, input, a, table td div div font,
    body div table tbody tr td font {font-family:Times New Roman, serif !important;}
    td, span, div, input, table td div div font,
    body div table tbody tr td font {color:009933 !important;}
    .nametext, .whitetext12, .lightbluetext8, .orangetext15, .blacktext12,
    .redtext, .redbtext, .blacktext10 {color:0033CC !important;}
    a {color:009933 !important; text-decoration:none !important; text-transform:none !important; font-weight:normal !important; font-style:normal !important;}
    a:hover {color:000000 !important; text-decoration:none !important; text-transform:none !important; font-weight:normal !important; font-style:normal !important;}
    img {border:0px;}
    .text {align:left}
    input {background-color:transparent !important;}

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    If you're using IE 6 or below, it doesn't recognize alpha transparency on pngs. Google "IE png transparency" for a barrage of info on how to get around this.

    IE 7 will take care of this, however.
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      Thanks for the reply, going to try this right away!