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right column lists vary/jump outside of container

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  • right column lists vary/jump outside of container

    How do I get my right column content lists to display the same in IE and Firefox?


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    Please forgive me if you've tried these already, but here are some ideas I have based on my own limited experience:

    I've been told that IE doesn't handle CSS very well, which might explain the odd appearance at the bottom (in my version of IE), while it appears fine in Safari. I'd try defining the right-hand margin for the contentcenter div, first, as well as the width for the contentright div. (I use pixels on my site, but percentages, inches, or centimeters should work, too.)

    Then, so the spacing's the same throughout browsers, I'd define the line spacing for the div or the list.

    If all that didn't work, I'd check if the page worked when I used line breaks instead of an unordered list. I've noticed that unordered lists in themselves change how things view amongst browsers.

    I hope that at least offers some help.



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      Thanks Carabee. I straightened out my CSS via validation and then reapproached the widths on everything and now they seem to be fitting. Golive was placing an outdated doctype in my html and that was not helping matters.