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  • mouseover question

    Hi folks, this is my first post so be nice

    I am trying to get a mouseover working for a website. I want some text to appear on another part of the page when a user moves over a text link on the same page. Currently I use this as the link:
    <div style="position:absolute; left:700px; top:39px; "><a href="#" onmouseover="Show_details_onclick(part1);" >Coaching link</a></div>

    Then this for the text to appear:
    <div id="part1" style="DISPLAY: none; ">text goes here</div>

    I am also using a default div which is blank so the mouseover text disappears when the link is inactive ie. the mouse is moved off.

    I work on a Mac and its fine and dandy in Safari, but IE and FF don't work. So does anyone know of a more universal method of doing this please?

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    Take a look through the source and see if this helps you… I did this a little while ago for someone with a simliar problem:

    drums | web


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      Thanks Richard

      Looks good to me! Much appreciated
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