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Remove border cell columns???

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  • Remove border cell columns???

    Hey all - just wondering does anyone know how to remove and/or change the column colour or borders?
    Basically my sketchy site:

    has 1 main table with 3 columns - I want to remove the column borders from the centre cell - any suggestions?


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    Add this to your style sheet:

    td { border: none; }

    That way you control the table data (cells).

    Edit: sorry - I think you want to get rid of the two yellow lines in middle.

    You have currently 3 tables going. Within the 3rd table create a new extra table -- then control this new extra inner table separatly and include your 3 colums which you can then make not show the borders with td { border: none; }

    You'd then be able to keep the other construction.
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      So place a table underneath the current table? Is that what you mean?


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        See here

        I've played around a bit and this is what I did:

        1. gave UL a value in style. This pushes the dots a bit to the left because by default they always indent.

        2. took away the borders by using cellspacing="0" and cellpadding="0"

        3. added padding top and padding-left to some cells so that the font gets some padding above, below and left.

        I can't remember what else I did - I'm not a professional web developper but I started just like you

        I did all by the way in NetscapeComposer.

        Good luck!

        PS: there are some good programs for finding nice color harmonies. I'm on a Mac and use "ColorSchemerStudio" -- I think it's for Windows also.