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mysterious sapces in IE and Firefox, but not Opera

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  • mysterious sapces in IE and Firefox, but not Opera

    I have just worked with tables for the first time. I ran into an issue I cannot work out. Mysterious spaces between table rows. I normally use Opera as my browser so I thought I had everything together until I viewed the site using IE and Firefox. I have these mysterious spaces between my table rows yet I cannot find anything in my coding to call for it or causing it. The domain is timidbull.com. Using Opera, everything shows up just as it should. Using Firefox the space shows just under the top table row. Using Internet Explorer it shows between both the top table row and beneath the middle table row. I have gone over the code over and over again, I am baffled. Please any help, suggestion or sudden shove into the right direction is greatly appreciated.

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    Well your first mistake was coding with tables. If you are going to do html do it the right way. I suggest you read the article in my sig titled "Why Tables for Layout is Stupid"

    Add this in between your head tags
    <style type="text/css">
    td {
    Images are inline elements therefore a line-height is applied to them which is that space you were seeing.
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