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Semantics when using Javascript

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  • Semantics when using Javascript

    Just a quick question,

    I have images that can be clicked on to pop up a larger image in a new window.

    I am using <a> anchors to achieve this, but since everything is done in Javascript, I leave the href as "#something"... but it occurs to me that this might not be the most semantic way of doing this...

    What's the most "official" way to handle href semantics when using Javascript?

    Alternatively, I could put an "onclick" function on the IMG tag directly and change the cursor for the IMG through CSS... this seems preferable to me, but what do other people think?

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    I would personally do something like:

    <a href="linktolargerimage.html"><img blabla/></a>

    Then set the onclick handlers dynamically through Javascript to open the image in a new window. Thus, when JS is disabled, the link is still useful.


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      Using return false is the best method; if the user does not have Javascript they are taken to the link, if they do then the function is run.

      <a href="largerimage.jpg" onclick="functiontoshowlargerimage(); return false;"><img src="smallerimage.jpg" /></a>


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        Hi... thanks for the reply.

        The only problem with either of these methods is that if Javascript IS enabled, the picture is popped up in a new window AND the link takes takes the user to the new page/pic...I can't figure out how to make the browser ignore the HREF if Javascript works...


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          That's what the "return false" takes care of… if the javascript is executed, then the normal action of the link isn't.
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            ok, got it now... thanks a bunch!