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Heaps of CSS problems - beginner, any help is gr8!

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  • Heaps of CSS problems - beginner, any help is gr8!

    Hey All,
    I've recently tried my hand with CSS. I know a good bit of html and thats more or less it. I've moved back to Ireland from Australia now and I'm trying to put a site together to keep in touch with my mates back home.
    I've got a fair few questions so hopefully some of you cats can help!

    At the bottom is a link to my website which is very much under construction. Please take a look at it and you'll understand what I need to know. By the way, my code is very messy-I write it all in notepad, if anyone knows of a better editor plz advise!

    1. The menu on the left is done with half html/css. NB note that the LI bulletpoint does not highlight whereas it does on the very bottom menu which is completely CSS. Can you plz tell me how to not get the bulletpoint to highlight in the bottom menu.

    2. As you can see I'm trying to implement CSS all in the one file - how can/do I make a css file and implement that where needed? What exactly is float used for and how do you use it?

    3. I'm trying to place a few tables on the main content of my page. The problems are very difficult here...
    I'm basically don't understand DIV or SPAN or COLSPAN!
    Funny at it seems but it is true! The way the site looks now is exactly (except the colourscheme) the way I want it to look when finished. I just cannot at the moment figure out positioning CSS. I work in 1200xwhatever resolution and when I resize the screen to see everything becomes messed up. Do I use % or px or what? If I use px when I resize the tables overlap etc etc etc.

    Is there any way of just loading the main page and then loading tables from CSS files?

    As you can see the menu at the bottom of the screen is meant to be under the left menu (just testing) but its not happening...

    I use to program couple of yrs back in VB - I wish there were just x, y cordinates for the top left hand corner of an item. Or if I said width of a table is 50% then its 50% regardless of res.

    4. I want people to able to register and login and upload their pics to my site too (I know nothing about how to even attempt this) however I know you have to start somewhere and I'm so far really enjoying the learning experience!

    5. Do I need a database for point 4 or how or what way does that work? I've heard of ASP and SQL but not sure what they're for.

    I'm not overly interested in flash - wanna keep the site relatively simple but still trying to learn CSS!

    My very-early-staged website address is: http://homepage.eircom.net/~egoman/mysite.html

    Thank you all very much for reading this and if you know anything about the above I'd really appreciate it!

    PS what exactly in plain english does absolute, relative and "em" mean?
    PPS I'm using IE (normal XP version) 1024x768 res 17" monitor if any of that matters!

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    Hello, and welcome to CF.

    You'll find you get a lot more help if you a) read the Posting Guidelines and b) stick to one question at a time, rather than ask for a global "help me fix all my problems on my website."

    What will answer a lot of your questions is a basic explanation of how HTML/CSS work together:
    • HTML is used to mark up your web page semantically
    • CSS is used to style the HTML

    I would give a basic tutorial a once over, like this excellent primer at Html Dog.
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      Thanks buddy!