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right/bottom aligned div or image with text wrap?

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  • right/bottom aligned div or image with text wrap?

    hey all

    is there any reliable css way to get a div or a transparent image to be aligned to the right and to the bottom of a parent div, with a text-wrap? kinda like this:

    if i use float:right the text wraps, but the box won't be at the bottom; if i use position: absolute i can get it to stick to the bottom and the right, but the text won't wrap.

    the only solutions i've seen so far involve manually inserting an image somewhere near the end of the text, but that's a fairly nasty, unelegant botch. does anyone have a lovely solution?
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    Found this, may be of use:


    It's messy though and requires JavaScript.
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      position: relative maketh not a ha'penny worth of difference defining the right & bottom values in the css makes no difference to it's actual positioning inside a div; it just sits like a lump on the top left. defining the top & left values using position:relative moves the vox accordingly, but i end up with the same result as position:absolute (the text doesn't wrap).

      just for reference, here's the non-working coding i'm using at the moment:

      .clearbox {
      width:	94px;
      height:	92px;
      position:	relative;
      top:	108px;
      left:	171px;
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        holy crap - that is messy. it's a lot more than i've managed to find in a couple of hours searching, though. thanks for that.

        i've found a lot of similar posts from people on loads of different forums, but it really seems like there's no css-based solution. that's ever so frustrating :/
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          This site has a 'boxpunch' solution. See if you can adapt it to your requirements: