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What's the point of CSS with browser conflict

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  • What's the point of CSS with browser conflict

    OK .. bare with me ..

    I have been developing websites using tables ever since they discovered you get milk from cows and now have decided to revamp the website with mainly CSS.

    Boy it sure is looking nice in Firefox

    but heck it looks like a dogs breakfast when the text does a runner .. now this isn't only my site I am talking about but also a fairly large reputable media company

    If the text is going to do a runner and one of my content sites is viewed by a more than 80% IE user, would it be wise to change to CSS if all the dang work goes out the window like a damp squid

    mmm ... sorry I couldn't be more expressive in this post I didnt have much time to be clever

    so then .. what's the verdict on this

    back to tables then?

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    Would you like to show us the problem so that we can maybe give you a hand?

    (...and no - the answer is not 'back to tables').


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      if I go to this site ... http://www.smh.com.au/

      it is perfect in Firefox

      in IE the whole structure is lost

      I am assuming it is the same for all IE browsers?




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        looks fine in my ie (v6.0...) =/


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          OK .. that is good to hear .. maybe something was up with my IE

          will continue to work on the CSS

          if all else fails I shall get my chair and sit back at the table

          thanks for your input




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            It sounds like you're simply less experienced with CSS than you need to be. The browser conflicts are definitely the BIGGEST learning curve with CSS. You simply need to be aware of the issues with both browsers and design with that in mind. I would highly recommend the following sites:

            It will take some time to get used to it all, but you will find that you can do WAY more with CSS than with old table layouts once you get more experience with it. Don't worry, it just takes time.


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              thanks Beagle

              I will look at those sites .. I am aware of AListApart

              I have a few content/info sites and have always presented everything in tables

              I would now like to use CSS in the new layout

              whereas DW comes with CSS 2 column layouts etc

              I am trying to present it differently and that is what is proving challenging

              a day later and I am still getting to being just past the start of the template I shall use for the layout

              at first it was gruesome but now it is becoming a little more understandable

              wait till I try to add XML feeds to the layout then I am sure I shall be on suicide watch or plain simply sectioned